Chem-Man Online gets June software update

Release: 6.14.19

June 13, 2019

We’re very excited to let you know about more updates from our Chem-Man Online team! 

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve been working on:

  1. New option to suppress rate/acre and/or Total Applied on Invoice format.
    We’ve had several requests to be able to suppress the rate/acre and/or total applied on the invoices. To use these options go to System Settings, Invoice/Statement Formatting tab. You should see the options “Print rate/acre on Invoice” and “Print Total Applied on Invoice”. If you want to suppress these just uncheck them. fyi: This is only available on invoice printing but will soon be available on full styled statements as well.
  2. Ability to Email Statements.This has been a big request and we’re excited to offer this option. To email a statement, you will need to go to manage customers, find the customer to be emailed and change the “Send Statement” to include email. If the email is an option then you’ll see another field for you to put the statement email in called “Send statement to:”.  In order to send a statement via email, you will need to do a one statement and you will see an email option. Click on this option to send your statement. If you choose “Email only” then your statement will not print on the month end menu- print statements. However you will always have the option to print a one statement. If you choose “Email and Statement” then the statement will also print on the monthly statements. Future: Invoices will be an upcoming feature to email. Also we plan on making the email feature more streamlined than having to choose each customer. We’re excited this is a good start!
  3. New Inventory Adjustment option.After many requests for easier inventory adjustments, we now have a new option. Under the Inventory Menu, click on “Inventory Adjustments” and then “Start Adjusting”. The screen will display the current inventory. Notice that there is a “Date for adjustment” field at the top of the screen. When adjusting inventory a transaction record will be created to create your adjustment record if the inventory has changed. The “Date for adjustment” will be the date of the transaction record. If you would rather not see adjustment transactions for the current year (adds or deducts) then you might want to make it for a different time. To change the inventory amounts, click on “Correct Amount” next to the chemical that you’d like to modify. Enter the correct inventory amount and click “Save”. An adjustment transaction will be made and your quantity on hand will now reflect the quantity entered.
  4. Options on how to determine your inventory settingsDepending on your settings, Inventory is made up of the additions/deductions that are manually entered along with the deductions from the field application invoices and chemical sales. Under the Setup menu, System Settings, Inventory Tab, you have three options to determine how your inventory is calculated:
    1. From all job schedules and field application invoices     
    2. From all field application invoices (including unposted)     
    3. From posted field applications onlyIf you’d prefer to display inventory after the job is transferred out of the scheduling then we suggestion you use option 2. 
      In case you haven’t noticed, there is a “Projected Use Report” found in scheduling that will display the quantity on hand, amount scheduled and amount long/short. This is a handy tool to see if you’re going to be short on inventory. Currently it displays all of your chemicals but we are most likely going to add an option to display only the chemicals that are scheduled.
  5. New Inventory Start Date option to clear out inventory on handMany users just want to start fresh on their inventory. Since the Qty on Hand values reflect the history of all of the manual additions/deductions, chemical sales and invoices, your inventory can get off track. If you’d just like to start completely fresh, now you have the option to do so. Just go to Setup Menu, System Settings, Inventory Tab. By putting an “Inventory Start Date” the system will only reflect transactions that are equal or greater to this date. (You can try it and if you decide against this option, you can delete the date out). 

Upcoming Features:

1. The new job schedule release allowing users to quickly add temporary and/or partial maps on a job is taking longer than expected due to the complexity. We are in a testing stage but I don’t plan on releasing this ticket during our busy season. If there are users that would like to see it via webinar, we’d love to have your input. Just give us a call.

2. Webconnect with Quickbooks Desktop is an easier way to sync your data with Quickbooks. We are still in testing mode and will keep you posted.

There are many many other requests that we’re also working into the system. I wish they were all done but we’re getting there. Thanks to everyone who gives us input. We truly listen and hope to get your request done asap.


The Chem-Man Team!